National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators November Newsletter

SMSA New State and Supporting Members


The SMSA Executive Committee would like to welcome our newest members.  The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has joined as a State Voting Member with Jeff Stokes , Program Director as their representative.  We also welcome 2 new Supporting Members, Motorcycle Safety League of Virginia, Inc. and Tidewater Motorcycle Safety Training Program.  We thank you for your interest and support of SMSA.  You can find a full listing of State and Supporting Members on our website at under the Membership heading.


2013 SMSA Outstanding Contribution Award


The SMSA Awards Working Group is seeking nominations for the 2013 SMSA Outstanding Contribution Award. This annual Award, formerly known as the Chairperson Award, recognizes individuals who through their dedication, commitment and contribution to motorcycle safety have made a positive impact on a national, state or local level.  SMSA selects one person annually for this award. Nominees may be currently or previously associated with the SMSA or an SMSA member’s program or organization.  Individuals may not nominate themselves and individuals that have previously received this award are not eligible. Members of the Award Committee are also not eligible for nomination.

SMSA Outstanding Contribution Award


2013 SMSA Outstanding State Award


The SMSA Awards Working Group is seeking nominations for the 2013 SMSA Outstanding State Award. This is a new award that recognizes a state with a comprehensive state motorcycle safety program (NHTSA Highway Safety Program Guideline No. 3 – Motorcycle Safety Program) and has implemented strategies that are successful, effective and can be measured, evaluated and serve as best practices.

State Award Nomination Form


SMSA Regional, Supporting, and Individual Representatives


The SMSA regional, supporting and individual elected representatives will be contacting you on a regular basis to improve communications between the Executive Committee and the membership.  We also encourage you to contact them with any questions, concerns or ideas regarding the SMSA and motorcycle safety.


Eastern Regional Representative
Jim Kelly
Dept of Driver Service, GA MSP
2206 East View Parkway
Conyers, Georgia 30013
Phone: 678-209-4367
Fax: 770-918-6204


Central Regional Representative
John Milliken
Motorcycle Rider Education Program
Tenn. Highway Patrol Training Center
283 Stewart's Ferry Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37214
Phone: 615-232-2913

Western Regional Representative
Craig Breshears
Alaska Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee – AMSAC
P.O. Box 231311
Anchorage, Alaska 99523
Phone: 907-230-9205
Fax: 907-349-1779


Supporting Members’ Representative
Roberta Carlson
Cape Fox Professional Services
7050 Infantry Ridge Road
Manassas, VA 20109
Phone:  703-853-0804
Fax:  703-530-9940

Individual Members’ Representative
Keith Lindgren
Motorcycle Safety League of Virginia
600 Butterfly Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23322
Phone:  757-377-1599

For detailed biographies of the new SMSA Executive Committee visit our website at EC Biographies.

SMSA Executive Director Announcement


The Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the SMSA will continue its relationship with Highway Safety Services, LLC (HSS). HSS has been providing management and consulting services for SMSA since January 1, 2012. The Executive Committee, as part of this continued relationship, has also expanded HSS responsibilities and appointed Brett Robinson, Vice President of HSS, as the Executive Director of the SMSA.

As SMSA’s Executive Director, Brett Robinson will report to the Executive Committee, but will have more authority and flexibility in managing the SMSA operations and projects. The Executive Committee provides direction, guidance and approval while the Executive Director has the authority and responsibility to manage and represent the SMSA.

To read the full memo and for contact information click here.


Save the Date - August 23-25, 2013


Mark your calendars!  The SMSA National Summit on Comprehensive Motorcycle Safety Programs will be held on August 23-25, 2013 in Kansas City.  Supported by the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program, and with special events sponsored by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the National Summit will provide attendees with three days of informative and interactive sessions addressing motorcycle safety across the country.  

Watch for updated information on our website at: SMSA Conferences and Events


Watch Your Mail for 2013 Membership Renewals


Membership renewal forms are being sent out to you by mail. We rely on your continued support to enable SMSA to achieve goals and further promote motorcycle safety. Membership with SMSA also gives you the opportunity to network, share ideas, and receive technical assistance through communications and the annual conference as well as shape the future of our industry by participating on SMSA committees and programs.


Idaho STAR Motorcycle Riding Tips - Get the Facts... Don’t be a Statistic!

These are some common beliefs that riders have about motorcycle safety:

“The biggest danger is car drivers.”
“The kids on sport bikes are the ones who get into crashes.”
“It’s only riders who don’t wear helmets that die in crashes.”

Recent research into Idaho’s fatal crash data (2009-2011) tells us a different story – the REAL story.

"This analysis of our fatal crash data is a result of the work of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan Motorcycle Safety Committee (rider training, law enforcement, biker's rights groups, military, and the Office of Highway Safety working together).  We are now working on disseminating this information to rider training students, DMV customers, and eventually to all registered motorcycle owners (our plan is to include it when their registration or renewal is sent in the mail).  We believe that risk management has to come from risk awareness, and that there are lots of riders who still think the main risks are other drivers and poor road conditions.  We hope that this message helps to improve the accuracy of their risk awareness and, as a result, they will make better informed choices about training, riding skills, riding gear, and alcohol." – Stacey “Ax” Axmaker, Director, Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program

To see Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program’s “Get the Facts” card click here.


Driving Instructors Want Cycle Safety to be Part of Test


Source: The Times (UK), September 7, 2012

Official figures show that the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured in Great Britain rose by 13% in the first quarter of 2012, at a time when the number of car occupants killed or seriously injured fell by 4%. The number of casualties among cyclists has risen in 10 out of the last 13 quarters. While cycling remains a relatively safe mode of transport, there are fears that the success of Great Britain's cyclists (in this summer's Olympics) will encourage novice riders onto the roads and raise the risk of a continued rise in casualties. Advocates are urging Government and highway agencies to do more to protect the growing body of cyclists. As the number of collisions continues to grow, driving instructors are now pressing for a separate module on cycle awareness in the driving test. Seventy-five percent of instructors think this would help road safety, according to a recent survey. To see the full article, go to:


Thank You from Fred Ford


Fred Ford would like to express his appreciation to Dale Doman for his assistance in recovering his wallet which was lost at the SMSA conference in Tennessee.  Mr. Doman found and mailed the wallet to Mr. Ford for which he is sincerely grateful.


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