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SMSA Conference

The Annual SMSA Conference is scheduled for August 24-26, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. The SMSA Annual Business Meeting will be held August 24th and the Annual National Motorcycle Safety Conference will be held August 25-26, 2012.  Registration is open!!!

Call for Papers for 2012 Conference

The SMSA is actively seeking informative, timely and relevant presentations for breakout sessions on motorcycle safety related topics that will educate and motivate conference participants and support the goal of reducing motorcycle crashes and related injuries.  In an effort to provide the most value to our members and conference attendees, we are looking for a broad range of topics, including but not limited to: effective and efficient program management; law  enforcement and motorcycle safety; evaluation, data collection and analysis; innovative instructional techniques and courses; highway engineering; effective public awareness and rider conspicuity efforts; evaluating programs and projects; and problem identification.

If you or someone you know has a professional, quality presentation on an aspect of motorcycle safety, please click here for more information on the call for papers. The deadline for submissions is May 1. 

SMSA Website!

Visit the new SMSA website at to view new additions and updates. A Media section has been added under Resources that provides individual state contact information and available media. Some sections are still under construction as we continue to make significant improvements to the site, so please be sure to check back as continues to grow and become a valuable resource to the SMSA community.

SMSA Election Process Committee

A committee has recently been formed to develop a process for facilitating elections within the SMSA.  The committee members will be conducting a review and analysis of past practices within the organization as well as election protocols for other non-profit, national organizations. 

The goal of the committee is to design a process that encourages participation in the election among SMSA voting members, both with regard to individuals running for representative seats and voting members actively nominating and voting for candidates.  Integrity and fairness of the process are also of paramount concern to this committee.

The committee will meet several times throughout the months of March and April and will have a process in place for electing Executive Committee Representatives this summer.  We will keep you apprised of the progress.

Our sincere thanks go to all the committee members for dedicating their time in improving the SMSA’s election processes.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Survey

The SMSA was asked to survey its state members regarding their annual motorcycle safety awareness campaigns.  The following is a summary of the 20 states that responded.

60% of these states designate a month as motorcycle safety awareness month.  Two states conduct motorcycle safety awareness activities year round.

60% designate May as motorcycle safety awareness month because they believe it is a NHTSA recommendation and start of the motorcycle riding season.  Some states, because of climate, designate June as their motorcycle safety awareness month.

Note: There is no officially designated month for motorcycle safety awareness.  States may select any month for their campaign.  Selecting May could be a result of the original effort call Motorcycling And You.

Most of the states were unsure how successful their campaigns have been over the last two years.  Many believed their campaigns were well received by the public and media.

60% of the respondents focus on both the motorcyclists and motorists during their campaigns.

States generally have been using 402 and 2010 grant funds for their campaigns.  Few states use only “dedicated” funding for such campaigns.

None of the states have a formal method to measure or evaluate the effectiveness of their public awareness campaigns.  Some believe evaluating the impact and effectiveness of any awareness campaign is too difficult.  Several respondents indicated course enrollment increases during the campaign.

None of the states have attempted to evaluate their awareness campaigns impact on reducing multiple or single vehicle crashes. 

Some states would like more flexibility in scheduling their campaigns.  Some think there are too many other highway safety campaigns in May forcing them to compete for media attention.

Few states thought additional 2010 funds would make a significant difference in their current campaigns.


Upcoming Events

2012 SMSA Conference

August 24th - 26th

For more information and conference registration, click here.

Please mark your calendars and we hope to see you there!

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