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December 2012 Newsletter

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Meetings with SMSA Partners

SMSA Strategic Planning Process

Membership Working Group

Save the Date

Call for Papers

2013 SMSA Outstanding Contribution Award

2013 SMSA Outstanding

State Award

Women in Motorcycling

Increasing Federal Funding
Flexibility and Identifying Research Priorities

Oregon Department of Transportation Wins State Award

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Meetings with SMSA Partners
Brett Robinson, SMSA Executive Director and Andrew Krajewski, SMSA Chairperson met with staff from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) on November 13, 2012 in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss future partnerships and mutual goals for comprehensive motorcycle safety programs.
Additional meetings in December are planned with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). 

SMSA Strategic Planning Process
The SMSA Executive Committee began drafting a new Strategic Plan to outline the future direction of the Association. The Strategic Plan will identify strategies and activities for the SMSA over the next five-years designed to enhance membership services, provide member resources and encourage comprehensive motorcycle safety programs. A draft of the Strategic Plan for membership review will be posted to the SMSA website in early January 2013. 

Membership Working Group 
The SMSA Executive Committee formed a “Membership Working Group” tasked to develop a plan to increase SMSA membership and establish member benefits. A “Member’s Only” section on the SMSA website is currently being developed a will be the first major member benefit unveiled. 

Save the Date - August 23-25, 2013

Mark your calendars!  The SMSA National Summit on Comprehensive Motorcycle Safety Programs will be held on August 23-25, 2013 in Kansas City.  Supported by our host state, the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program, and with special events sponsored by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the National Summit will provide attendees with three days of informative and interactive sessions addressing motorcycle safety across the country.  

Watch for updated information on our website at:

Call for Papers - The SMSA is actively seeking presenters for the 2013 SMSA National Summit. 
The 2013 Summit will focus on the NHTSA’s Uniform Guidelines for State Highway Safety Programs Guideline No. 3 Motorcycle Safety promoting comprehensive motorcycle safety programs. The SMSA would like to see presentations submitted that address countermeasures, initiatives and/or working strategies in the following areas:

  • Program Management
  • Motorcycle Personal Protective Gear
  • Motorcycle Operator Licensing
  • Motorcycle Rider Education and Training
  • Motorcycle Operator Under the Influence of Alcohol or Other Drugs
  • Legislation and Regulations
  • Law Enforcement & Emergency Medical Services
  • Highway Engineering
  • Motorcycle Rider Conspicuity and Motorist Awareness
  • Communication Program
  • Program Evaluation and Data

Please click here for more information on the call for papers.

2013 SMSA Outstanding Contribution Award
The SMSA Award Committee is seeking nominations for the 2013 SMSA Outstanding Contribution Award. This annual Award recognizes individuals who through their dedication, commitment and contribution to motorcycle safety have made a positive impact on a national, state or local level.  SMSA selects one person annually for this award. Nominees may be currently or previously associated with the SMSA or an SMSA member’s program or organization.

SMSA Outstanding Contribution Award Nomination Form

2013 SMSA Outstanding State Award
The SMSA Award Committee is seeking nominations for the 2013 SMSA Outstanding State Award. This award recognizes a state with a comprehensive state motorcycle safety program (NHTSA Highway Safety Program Guideline No. 3 – Motorcycle Safety Program) and has implemented strategies that are successful, effective and can be measured, evaluated and serve as best practices.

State Award Nomination Form

Women in Motorcycling
Academic Research  NEW QUESTIONNAIRE
October - December 2012
Ginger Lou Bucher, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is conducting research on women motorcyclists.  She has asked the SMSA membership to complete a Women Motorcyclist questionnaire and participate in an online research forum.

To participate go to:

“Increasing Federal Funding Flexibility and Identifying Research Priorities Would Help Support States' Safety Efforts”
The United States Government Accountability Office has released its report of federal and state efforts on addressing motorcycle safety.

According to NHTSA, per vehicle mile traveled in 2010, motorcyclists were about 30 times more likely to die in a traffic crash than passenger car occupants. States have implemented various strategies to address the factors contributing to motorcycle crashes and fatalities, and NHTSA has assisted these efforts through guidance, grants and research.  GAO Reviewed (1) what is known about the cost of motorcycle crashes; (2) the factors that contribute to motorcycle crashes and fatalities, and strategies states are pursuing to address these factors; and (3) the extent to which NHTSA assists states in pursuing strategies that address these factors.  GAO reviewed studies analyzed documents and data from NHTSA and other sources, and interviewed officials in the U.S. Department of Transportation and 16 states as well as representatives of various stakeholder organizations.  GAO selected states that were geographically diverse and that had varying fatality rates, laws and policies, and ridership levels.
To view the report, findings and recommendations go to

Oregon Department of Transportation Wins State Award - Transportation Safety Division: Champions for Motorcycle Safety
CORVALLIS, Ore. – TEAM OREGON, a national leader in motorcycle training and education, recognized the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Transportation Safety Division (TSD) for its Champion award.

The Champion award is reserved for select individuals and organizations that stand out as the strongest advocates for, and influencers of, the state’s motorcycle safety effort. TSD Administrator Troy Costales and Motorcycle Safety Program Manager Michele O’Leary accepted the award on behalf of TSD.

“Our friends at TSD in Salem are strong, tenacious partners in safety,” said Steve Garets, TEAM OREGON director. “They show us year after year that we, as motorcyclists, matter. They show us that the safety of the hundreds of thousands of riders we serve matters.”

TEAM OREGON works closely with TSD to provide rider training, education and outreach programs to the motorcyclists of Oregon. Funding comes from student tuitions, motorcycle endorsement and renewal fees, and state and federal grants. Since 1984, the program has trained more than 120,000 riders – 11,500 in 2012 alone. Oregon’s fatal crash rate for motorcyclists is half the national average. 

“The progress we’ve made in the motorcycle community wouldn’t be possible without TSD,” said Garets. “They provide the leadership and the support we need to keep the wheels turning. They make sure that the fees motorcyclists pay for their program go directly back to the motorcyclists of Oregon. They are a great example of government getting it right.”

TEAM OREGON is a cooperative partnership between the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State University, employing a staff of more than 200 part-time instructors and 360 training bikes and scooters. More than 1,000 rider training courses are offered at 24 locations statewide February – November. For more information, visit or call 800-545-9944.