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2019 Questions and Answers


2018 Questions and Answers


2013 BRC vs BRC Update

May is Motorcycle Safety Month

Assistance on Vehicle Information

Handling Liability & Coverage Q's From Instructors

Interstate Freeway Restrictions for Permitted Operators

Suzuki Van Van

Effectiveness Study

Videos and Subtitles

Instructor Licenses and Background Checks

Mandatory Insurance Discounts for MC Training

Updated Perception Images

ABS - Traction Control Practice Guide

Training in Your State

Greetings from the Commonwealth of Virginia

New Motorcycle Safety Video

BMW Unveils It's Riderless Motorcycle

Low Down on the High Side Power Point

Question for those involved with State DOT's or Road Agencies

Self Assessment - Personal Protective Equipment Questions

FREE Webcast - Motorcycle Safety Programs Using Public Health Approach

3 Wheel Designation

Age & CC Size

E3x5x10 Schedule

Graduated Licensing

Motorcycle Specific Signage in your State

When to Retire Bikes


2017 Questions and Answers

BRC for the Deaf

Buy American Waivers


Inquiry to All Members on Autocycles

Instructor Coach Prep Candidate Fee

Online registration and program management software

PSA on Awareness for Motorcycles

Reasonable Accommodations

Recruiting Millennials

Revised Website

SMSA Novelty Helmet Position

Training Bike Replacement Strategy

Training Helmet

Training Number Trend Request

Trike Course Price


2016 Questions and Answers

1990 Honda CB125 Twin Trainer Motorcycles

AMA Award Iron Eagle 2015


Bike Purchases

Buy America Act Waiver

Compensation for Updates

Elio-Autocycle-Unconventional Vehicle Legislation

Honda Grom Followup

Insurance Questions

Motorcycle Alcohol Video

Motorcycle Outreach Program

Motorcycle Skills Test

MSF Student Handbooks

New Creative

NMI Data Page

Opportunity Knocks


PSA's to Show at Our Outreach Events

Saved by the Helmet

Scooter Moped Classes

Sym Wolf 150

Training Numbers for 2014 and 2015


2015 Questions and Answers

405-F Motorcycle Safety Funds

Acceptable Wait Time for Classes

Advisory Committee

Basic-Beginner Rider Course Curriculum Inquiry

BRC Books - OLD

Elio-Autocycle-Unconventional Vehicle Legislation

Fleet Maintenance Software

Helmets Laws

Helmets Made in the USA

In Course Rider Safety

Motorcycle Safety Inspections

Never Too Good

Oregon Position Open

QA Program


Question on Lane Splitting

Red Light Running

Rider Conspicuity Study

Students Trained

Suzuki GW 250

Things to Consider for Proposed Name Change Vote

Training Manager Recruit

Training Motorcycles

Updating Document DOT HS 809-715

Use of MAP-21 Funds

WA DOL Job Announcement

Washington Traffic Safety News Release

Watch for Motorcycles

Your Chance to Brag



2014 Questions and Answers

3WBRC Compact Range layout guide 04-02-2014

Advisory Group 06-02-2014

BRC2 License Waiver 04-14-4014

Buy America 02-25-2014

Curriculum Approval Process 01-13-2014

Customer Service and QA Survey

Definition of a Motorcycle

Due Date-Effective Immediately 02-03-2014

Enhanced Penalty

First Aid-CPR 02-26-2014

Fools Gear Full Gear Poster Source 04-02-2014

Great Movie Theatre Ad About Distracted Driving 06-10-2014

Honda GROM

How Would You Use a Double or Triple Budget Increase 02-10-2014

M license when buying a MC

Mandatory Training Study 06-05-2014

MAP 21 04-04-2014

Map-21 Buy America Waivers

Michael Davis Updated Personal Information 04-09-2014

Missouri Motorcycle Program Manager-Status Update 04-08-2014

Motorcycle Road Guarding or motorcycles conducting traffic
control for group rides

Motorcycle Safety in Kenya-Request for Expert Support 02-03-2014

Motorcycle Training Brochure

Motorist Awareness Videos 01-03-2014

Nevada PSA 06-04-2014


New Administrator in Pennsylvania 03-13-2014

New BRC 03-05-2014

New Guidebook August 2014 - Effective Strategies for Motorcycle Stops

New MSF RC materials and handbook 03-25-2014

NHTSA Helmet Grant 01-10-2014

NHTSA Poster 04-09-2014

Oregon in the News

Pedestrian Vehicles 01-08-2014

Police Motorcycle Training

Position Announcement-Missouri MSP Program
Manager 02-25-2014

QA Wages 01-13-2014

Question on Windshield from NV 01-07-2014

Reduction of Motorcycle Crashes after Implementation of Rider Training 01-21-2014

Seeking 3-Wheel Sales Data

Smart Rider Commitments 05-07-2014

Stickers 02-13-2014

Survey on Impaired Motorcycle Operation 01-30-2014

Three Wheel 06-05-2014

Toward Zero Deaths 03-29-2014

Training Motorcycles 01-28-2014

Training Question 05-15-2014

TransComm2014 Skills Contest Call for Entries 06-06-2014

Who has provider in statute or administrative rule

Your States Dealer Program 01-15-2014


2013 Questions and Answers

1-28-13 Audits of Sponsors

1-31-13 2013 RiderCoach Preps

2-18-13 Eye Tracker Research

2-21-13 Cornering and Braking Clinics

2-28-13 Helmet Supplier

3-2-13 Make Up Assignments for missed State Updates and PDWs

4-1-13 Fleet Tracking Ideas

4-24-13 State Motorcycle Technical Assessments

5-1-13 Portable Oxygen Tanks

6-10-13 Suzuki TU250s and spark plugs

6-11-13 Motorcycles - Federal Grants and Buy American

6-20-13 Driver License Motorcycle Skills Test Blitz

6-21-13 Motorcycle Websites

6-28-13 Bark Busters for Training Bikes

7-8-13 MAP 21 Money

7-8-13 SMSA Digest, Vol 116, Issue 6

7-12-13 Teaching Solo

7-16-13 Heat

7-23-13 Training Bikes for sale in August and more in October and December

8-2-13 Observation Helmet use survey protocol

12-26-2013 FW - Position Announced - TEAM OREGON Operations Manager

2012 Questions and Answers

4-4-12 3rd Party Testing

4-5-12 NTSHA 2010 Grant

4-9-12 3 Documentation

4-9-12 3 Wheel Kits - Crass County Choppers

4-9-12 Documentation

4-13-12 Daytime Running Lights and Motorcycles

4-18-12 2012 Skill Evaluation Question

6-25-12 Extra Bikes Per Site

6-26-12 Seeking Input on Training Bikes

8-16-12 Fw 3 WBRC Classes

9-7-12 Need Some Help - Nevada

9-18-12 2012 Incentives

9-20-12 FW FYI Upcoming Webinar 2012 IHSDM

9-20-12 Got Stuff

9-21-12 New Rider Discount

10-4-12 ATK Motorcycles

10-4-12 Question from NV on REMS

10-17-12 CC vs. HP

10-18-12 3 WBRC Classes do you offer do they fill

10-19-12 The Corbin Sparrow and Licensing

10-30-12 CPR FirstAid Certification

11-1-12 Twitter

11-2-12 Half Helmets More Likely to Come Off

11-5-12 Volunteers

11-12-12 Instructor Pay

11-26-12 Left on Red - Dead Red Legislation

12-4-12 Increase Motorcycle Statistics

12-5-12 Outriggers

12-12-12 Program Database Management

12-13-12 Clifton Cliff Burdette

12-14-12 Training Bikes

12-19-12 Motorcycle Alcohol Outreach Programs