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2019 Summit Presentations


Thursday, September 11, 2019

The Road to Zero Coalition and Motorcycle Safety
Ian Grossman, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

What We Can Do - To What We Do - So What We Do Actually Works
Dan Petterson, SMARTER

Summary of the NTSB Report, “Select Risk Factors Associated with Causes of
Motorcycle Crashes”
Michael Fox, Investigator, National Transportation Safety Board

Learning by Accident and Reporting the Facts
Dane Pitarresi, SkidBikeâ„¢ and Janice Bagley, Affordable Home Services, Inc.


Friday, September 12, 2019

Driver Education Outreach: SEE’ing Invisible Riders and Recognizing How to Safely Drive with Us
Kyle McCarty, IDAHO Star

Why Timely Motorcycle Maintenance Visits are Important
Dora McKee, Motorcycle Safety League of Virginia, Inc

Maintaining a Motorcycle Service History Saves the 3 Ms
Gail Dabney, Motorcycle Safety League of Virginia, Inc

Implementation of Training School-based Mentorship Program to Increase Voluntary Helmet Use
Siwon Jang, University of South Florida (USF) Center for Urban Transportation Research

ARC Large Range
Vince Consiglio, Detroit Metro Consortium, ABATE of Michigan and Michigan Rider Education Program ARC Coaches

Rider Training Beyond the Basics: The Circuit RiderCourse – How it’s Different and Why it’s a Great Tool for Reaching the Experienced Rider
Stacey “Ax” Axmaker, Be Crash Free and Kelvin “Kip” Bickford, American Motorsport Training

Panel Discussion – Planning for the Future of Motorcycle Safety
Edith Peters, Florida Department of Transportation, Highway Safety
Glenn Davis, Colorado Department of Transportation, Highway Safety
Chad Teachout, Michigan Rider Education Program
Brad Heiler, Sales & Project Manager, Two-Wheeler & Powersports, Bosch
Brett Robinson, Executive Director, SMSA